L'Abbatoir Gastown

Unforgettable Gastown Date: L’Abattoir

If you ask me to pick five Best Vancouver restaurants, this place will always be in the top five.  I might think hard about the other four, but there will be no question about l’Abattoir being “the place” to experience. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about this rare Gastown gem and coming up was the perfect occasion to visit it.  Our upcoming anniversary that we have a tradition of celebrating at really great restaurants.  With the past choices being Grouse Mountain’s Observatory and Yaletown’s Chambar – this was a really tall order.

This is one of those rare occasions when I’m not dying to explore the areas around the restaurant, walk the streets and combine the great dinner with sightseeings.  Don’t get me wrong, Gastown has plenty of sightseeings to offer.  If you have more willpower than us, plan a nice stroll through cobblestone streets, browse through eclectic boutiques and stylish furniture stores, even make a stop on your drive at the Coal Harbour and take in landing planes.  Us? We are going straight for the L’Abattoir restaurant.  Showing up first after they open and making sure we get a seat overlooking the bar.  And then the magic starts.

We watch bartender mixing our drinks, his hands doing some crazy dance measuring out ingredients, pressing juices, for a cocktail list that is both intriguing and delicious.  Our jaws drop at the sight of first course.  Something that was unassumingly called “Potato salad with steelhead” arrived gorgeously arranged on plates, accented with sauces of different colors, fish tasting better than any other fish course I’ve had in my life.  Every dish we tried was unbelievably good – Steak Diane, melt-in-your-mouse octopus, deserts…   Every plate

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looked gorgeous and fairly small, but don’t be fooled  – every bite is rich and very filling.  Looking around the room I was jealous of every dish I have not tried.  Atmosphere, decor and service matched perfectly prepared food, completing amazing dinner experience.  Servers know every aspect of menu, cocktail and wine list.  Dimly lit beautiful rooms combined restrained design with cozy romantic atmosphere.  We loved every moment there, enjoying every sip and every bite. Saying the date was unforgettable is quite and understatement. How do you match an outstanding experience like this with a gift? Well, let me suggest something that’s just as high-end, restrained and breathtaking at the same time.  Black and white diamond earrings.

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