Chihuly Glass Museum & Space Needle

Seattle Weekend Date: Museums & le Pichet

Vancouver offers so many destinations, attractions and amazing places to eat.  Yet sometimes there is a need to get away from the familiar places, get into a car and drive to explore something new.  The lucky thing is, there are places within a few hours of drive of Vancouver, that offer just that: exciting, world-class cuisine, activities ranging from skiing adventures, to arts, museums and breath-taking views. Here, on The Perfect Date, we’ve written about Whistler day trip, Okanagan and Portland trips are on our soon to-do list, and today I wanted to share our favorite Seattle destinations, that make for a beautiful day-trip date.

I love the morning of the day trip – waking up early, knowing the day full of new experiences is ahead. We grab a quick Tim’s coffee and head for the border, if you need a full breakfast for the long road, stopping at Old Town Café once you cross the border and are in Bellingham is highly recommended.   We are lucky, driving there in October, with the fall colors in full swing, without knowing, we

 Place Market Flowers

Place Market Flowers

get a preview for what’s to come later that day – sensory overload of bright, amazing colors inspired by nature.

Our first destination is Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum.  This exposition is incredible to experience together – walking from one room to another, taking in the array of colors, mysterious shapes against shiny black background, we were absolutely blown away by the power of Chihuly’s vision and imagination.  Every room is a piece of art, every detail is thought through, incredible flowers made of glass, hug

e structures effortlessly balanced in the air, colors flowing from one to another.  Every sculpture incorporates the

room, the ceiling gets reflected in blackness of the walls. The garden combines glass flowers with the natural flowers and black grass – how cool is that? If you have only 1-2 hours to spend in that area, make sure you visit the museum and have the camera ready.

If you have more time, head to the Space Needle located right next to the museum. On a clear day the panoramic view of Seattle skyline and the ocean are not to be missed. There is something romantic and serene about being together high up in the clouds, taking in the views of a beautiful city.  Have even more time and love music and pop culture?  EMP – Experience Music Project Museum is right next to the Needle.  We leave EMP for the next visit and head to our next favorite place in Seattle – the Pike Place Market.

Multi gemstone and diamond ring

Stunning Multi-gemstone & Diamond Ring

I love the atmosphere of the market, the artisan treats, the sea of fresh and dry flower bouquets, fish and produce stands – there is something for everyone there.  The abundance of produce, deli and breads makes me think of food – locally sourced, beautifully prepared.  We know just the place for that.  Located on the 1st  Ave, minutes walk from the market, Le Pichet is a French restaurant we love.  Atmosphere is cozy, romantic with small tables and European flair.  Service is impeccable, with the place being always packed, the warm crusty bread appears on the tables in no time, drinks replenished, dishes beautifully arranged.  The menu is small, French, with specialty items frequently changing featuring seasonal produce, every dish we tried perfectly executed.  Sitting by the window, sparkling candle on the table, we talk about the amazing day, which would be an amazing gift for a special occasion whether you pair it with a colorful reminder of the day or not is up to you!

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