Castle Date: The Corner House

This was one of the best birthday experiences that I can remember.  We’ve spent 4 beautiful days around Toronto and explored some of the most romantic locations and restaurants, when combined together, there was nothing more I could wish for as a birthday gift.green_bean

We decided to start the day in Oakville, spending half of the day outside, exploring Oakville waterfront. That area always reminds me of Europe with its unique stores, jewellery and coffee shops. There is one place that I never fail to visit when I am in Oakville, The Green Been Coffee House.   This little gem of café is not to be missed and is definitely worth driving to Oakville for.  The first time I’ve walked in, I was blown away by the atmosphere and design, then by the quality of their coffee and when I tried their cannoli pastries there was no turning back, I love that store.

After a few hours of exploring the waterfront we headed to our next destination, Casa Loma Castle.  I like Casa Loma mid-week, when there are no touristy crowds, when you can fully take in old European feel of the rooms, exploring one elegant dining room after another.  I like going all the way to the top and enjoying the view from the highest turret.  Does it get any more romantic than that? Multi-color Gemstone Briolette & Diamond Pendant

Actually yes, it does.  Just a few minutes away from Casa Loma is our next destination. The Corner House.  This French restaurant was highly recommended to me by a close friend, and it exceeded my expectations in every way.  It is located on a quiet street, right on the intersection, its patio right in the front yard in the shades of the trees, white tablecloths and tea candles on the tables.  Service is spectacular, from knowledgeable recommendations, invisible changes of dishes, warmth and wit, we felt like we’ve visiting a cousin that lived in Paris and was really happy to see us.  And then there is food.  French, beautifully paired with amazing sauces, cooked to perfection, every bite delightful.  Did I say my birthday was perfect? Well it got better.  Desert was served and so was my birthday gift.  A beautiful diamond pendant, reflecting every sparkle of the candles around us.  Perfect birthday date indeed.

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