M_DWelcome to our blog!  We are Derek and Maria and we enjoy taking a break from the fast pace of work to spend time together by going on date nights.

Every time we planned another date, we found ourselves seeking out restaurants and interesting places and putting together experiences that would make going on dates truly extraordinary, looking for that perfect date plan. It was on one of these special evenings that we realized that there are probably lots of other couples doing the same thing.  Researching, looking for recommendations, making sure it was the perfect place to enjoy an evening together and that’s how theperfectdate.net was born. Writing a blog of our experiences and sharing the experience with everyone.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just an impromptu date or a family celebration, we try to craft a plan that makes the day truly unforgettable.  Derek has a GIA certification and a passion for gemstones, so on more than once occasion the perfect date was completed with a perfect gift, we’ll share a couple suggestions here as well.

Maria is passionate about finding the restaurant gems, those places that offer fantastic service, exceptional menu and get the atmosphere just right. Living in Vancouver, we are fortunate to have a number of amazing restaurants at our doorstep. When we travel, we will add our experiences of the restaurants we find and the interesting places surround them.

Join us on our journeys and then try them yourselves and let us know.