Mission Hill Terrace

Terrace with the View Date – Mission Hill Winery

In the previous Okanagan trip post we’ve suggested  that you start your Winery Day Trip at the bottom of the hill at the beginning of the West Kelowna Trail and work your way to the top .   At the very top of the hill you will reach the magnificent Mission Hill Winery Estate.  If you have started your winery journey  early in the day, it’s a perfect place to stop for a lunch date.  However if you only had an afternoon, I can imagine how breathtaking dinner at the Terrace Restaurant would be. As it is an open air dining, the restaurant is only opened during the summer season, starting in May.Mission hill table

We’ve reached Mission Hill gates in the late afternoon.  It’s a good idea to reserve in advance, even on the week day, there was about 40 minutes of wait to get seated at the restaurant.  Which actually worked out great, as we had some time to take in the architecture, the views, walk around the gorgeous green lawns, take pictures  and, of course, sample the wine.  The estate is breathtaking in its scale, artistic vision and the use architecture to compliment the landscape.  Sculptures of people as if frozen in time and in moment are situated all throughout the garden: looking up the tree, gazing through the window at the winery and lake below, sitting down on the grass – as if people that wanted to stay at the Mission Hill Estate forever just turned into stone.

Wine Boutique Tasting Bar and the store also carries that artistic touch.  Wines, dishes, souvenirs and artisanal treats are grouped around  an art theme and positioned in tasteful groupings throughout the store.  Wine tastings are offered at two stations and a trip to the Mission Hill Cellar is available as a private tour. Mission Hill sculputes 2

After enjoying the grounds and a visit to the store it was our time to get seated at our table at the Terrace.  Every seat at the restaurant has a gorgeous view of the wine fields and the Okanagan lake, with tables located in two long rows  in the open air.  Local, seasonal and stylish menu is offered and dishes are changed based on what  is in season.  It’s impossible to even think of rushing such an experience and we wished we could stop that moment in time.  Servers glide almost invisibly between the tables and take great care to not disrupt the conversation.  The food is light, balanced and tasteful.  Produce tastes of summer, soaking up the sun and perfect taste is not overpowered.  This is one of a kind dining experience where the place, the wine and the food are in perfect harmony.  Where conversation is long and thoughtful and with every bite and every second we wished we could just stop the time and extend the feelings of peace and summer and natural beauty that we are lucky to enjoy in BC.

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