Steveston Hidden Gems and a Date with the Perfect View

Steveston village is just a few kilometers from where we live and every year it turns into a more and more enticing place to visit.  Personally I like this as my running destination – a solid 7K run with a reward of a Starbucks and a gorgeous view at the end.  It used to be too busy and too touristy to plan a date around, but lately we’ve discovered a few places that are just perfect for a casual dinner, a date with the stunning view and finally a unique courtyard dinner that transport you into a small European town.













So here’s my Steveston Hidden Gems List:

We love all of these places and frequent them quite often.  However, it is the Catch Kitchen & Bar that’s been so good to discover this year.  We so hope that it stays true to their idea – fresh, inventive food served with great service at a place with the best view.  Seriously, their view can not be beat.  Located just above Blue Canoe restaurant, on the second floor, every seat at a restaurant offers the view point at the Steveston waterfront – the boats, the sunsets, an occasional seal and kingfishers. The ambiance is understated, with lots of light, unobstructed windows, nautical motives, high stem glasses at the every table.  The staff is passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated to this new place that’s just open and wanting to make the best impressions on the guests.  The menu is changing from time to time with the kitchen testing out different dishes, they even called it the Test Kitchen.  Funny enough by the Steveston Restaurant Standards food was really enjoyable.  Great ingredients, not over complicated dishes, some of our favorite wines and IPAs available from the bar. In a place that’s full of restaurants that just take advantage of touristy traffic and lower their standards over time, it’s so refreshing to find a place that’s trying to do things right, and treat clients the best they can and bet on this amazing view that you never ever want to leave.  We’ve gone there for a few afternoon drinks, impromptu date outings and not once regretted the decision.

So if you’re heading to Steveston with your loved ones, kids or even group of friends, here’s the plan:

Start with the nice walk around Gary Point Park.  We know the Pajo’s Fish and Chips are tempting, but save your meal for checking out the Catch Test Kitchen.  Head back towards the Steveston Village and wonder through the Prickly Pear Garden Center.  If you’re there around Christmas they have some of the most unique Christmas decorations and souvenirs.  Kids would love exploring the decorated trees and you just might check off a good number of Christmas stockings and gifts off your list.  Head to the Sweet Spot Bakery or D Original Sausage House located just next door to each other.  Stock up on amazing pastries, quiches or scones.  Or if you’re into charcuterie, pick out deli meats, cheeses and sausages crafted by owners without use of preservatives.

Now you’ve worked up and appetite and the time might be nearing the afternoon.  Head to the waterfront, make your way upstairs, bypassing Blue Water Canoe waiting line and get yourself a table at the Catch.  Order a glass of wine or one of the feature cocktails and just look out the window and take in the view.  Mussels and seafood chowder are nice and so are the sliders, served three ways – beef, fried chicken and salmon.  Linger over the appies, watch fishing boats coming back, see if you can spot seals from you spot.  Ask waiter staff about this new place and with that it stays exactly as it is, so that we can enjoy perfect dates with perfect views in Steveston for years to come.

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