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One-of-a-kind Anniversary Date: from Cardero’s to Chambar

There are some occasions that celebrate a one-of-a kind event. And for those occasions you need a one-of-a kind date plan.  to me anniversary be it a wedding or just a start of a relationship – is exactly that type of special occasion.  So here is the game plan.

Set aside 6 hours and book a babysitter if you have little ones.  The goal is to relax, reconnect, enjoy beautiful views and focus on just the two of you.  What a better way to start a date like that than at a window table at Cardero’s famous on-the-water restaurant in Coal harbor.  This seafood and wok restaurant managed to combine excellent food, awesome service, interesting drinks menu and one of the best patios in town.  I’ve never left disappointed and I always longingly look at people enjoying lunch on their patio if I go for a jog downtown.  Cardero's drinksAlways planning for the next occasion to visit the restaurant.

Our anniversary was just what I needed – so that’s where we started with a sampling of their Winter cocktails and a few seafood appetizers and I highly recommend you try it as well. Make sure to make reservations as it is a wanted spot of many on the weekend.  The choice of location was not random, as Cardero’s happens to be right next to Westin Bayshore, another one of favorites of mine.  And no, night at the hotel was not in plans, but a massage and their VIDA spa was the anniversary gift for us both. So I suggest you head to Westin Bayshore after enjoying the views at Cardero’s for a couple’s massage.   Hmm…..starting to feel like that perfect anniversary? It sure did to me – dimmed lights, stone-clad lounge and candles, relaxing music, highly skilled massage therapists – i couldn’t have asked for more.  Except, of course there was more to the date plan.  And that’s another gem in the city.  You’ll need to head to Yaletown and after the massage I suggest you drive or cab there  Chambar is a unique Belgian fine dining restaurant ran by Nico and Karry Schuermans that fulfill their commitment to “fresh, innovative and incredible” food in everything they do at their restaurant.Citrine quartz and diamond ring

For me this is an ultimate special occasion spot – atmosphere is cozy, glowing and intimate.  Service is top notch – swift, caring, efficient and fun.  Food is unbelievable – menu has 5-6 choices of incredible small plates and the same number of mains.  Each one a masterpiece, a feast for eyes.  Imaginative sauces, perfect taste combinations, beautiful accents – did I say I love this place? I do! Perfect concept, perfectly executed.  So the only thing that’s missing is an anniversary gift – maybe a deep colored Citrine ring to remind of glimmering lights over Coal Harbor and candle flames at Chambar ….  the choice is yours.  In either case you’ll end up with a perfect day with memories to last and a one-of-a-kind anniversary experience to share.

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