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Magical French Date: Le Crocodile

There is a certain effortlessness and beauty in picking a date location that has a decade of stellar reputation as Vancouver’s best French restaurant. Le Crocodile is more than a great place to eat – it’s an institution, a place to be seen, a well orchestrated show of impeccably trained staff and above all a fantastic food experience.

Located within a walking distance of Vancouver Art Gallery, this can be a perfectly planned ending to visiting a latest arts exhibit.  If you had to le Crocodile before a show or a theater performance, reserve well in advance – you never want to rush le Crocodile experience and the time flies by deceptively fast. Unique Design Citrine & Peridot Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold We came to Le Crocodile for a dinner date.  I was dreaming for months of trying out a restaurant I’ve heard and read so much about.

Right from the very first steps, the restaurant starts working its magic, sets the tone with its formal dining room, grand floral arrangements, polished crystal and lacquered floors.  The atmosphere of romance and old world glamour made me wish I had on a set of family jewels or sparkling fancy earrings, perfect for such an occasion.

The service starts with an offer of champagne or aperitif cocktails.  We loved our server’s knowledge of the menu, polished charm and perfectly timed attention to the table.  We are tempted by all the scrumptious appetizers – foie-gras, truffles, caviar, but decide to go with the signature soups – Lobster Bisque and Tomato and Gin soup.  From the first bites we knew we were in for an extraordinary dining experience.  Balance of flavor, texture, presentation – we could not have a more perfect start!  Followed by a dish of salmon and a rack of lamb.  Both dishes so refined, every element complementing the main ingredient, sauces in perfect harmony, not too heavy, not too light.  And then there were deserts.  We were served a customary pear and champagne sorbet before the desert course.   We’ve shared an apple tart, even though every item on desert menu was incredibly tempting.  Only the agreement to come back another time helped us make a sensible choice of sharing the single desert.

The meal was well balanced, every bite perfectly executed, we enjoyed every moment at Le Crocodile and did not notice the time flying by.  Perfect date indeed and we’ll be back for more.

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