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Winery Birthday Date: Bacchus Bistro

Every time another birthday is coming up, I’m trying to come up with a day full of activities and experiences that are memorable, special, something that will be remembered for a year.  I think of how the day will flow, what places we can visit in a day and finally I go through one review […]

Yaletown Brunch Date: Good Wolfe

We were going for a long trip into the interior to stay with relatives at Scotch Creek BC, so we decided that we would head out after  we had eaten. It was a quick vote and we decided to start the vacation the right way by heading to a new find for us, Yaletown best […]

Valentine’s Date at Miku

Valentine’s Day is a great reason to celebrate the relationship and steal a few precious moments together from the rushed everyday life.  We have a tradition, where we celebrate the actual day of February 14th by making an elegant dinner at home, which we’ll usually follow by a movie and a chocolate fondue for dessert.  […]

Hike and Dine Date: Deep Cove

Deep Cove is one of North Vancouver areas that attracts me like a magnet.  I find every excuse to go there and every single time I get a sense of awe of the beautiful BC nature and a sense of inner calm once I reach the quiet rocky beach surrounded by magnificent mountains.  To me […]

Seattle Weekend Date: Museums & le Pichet

Vancouver offers so many destinations, attractions and amazing places to eat.  Yet sometimes there is a need to get away from the familiar places, get into a car and drive to explore something new.  The lucky thing is, there are places within a few hours of drive of Vancouver, that offer just that: exciting, world-class […]

Unforgettable Gastown Date: L’Abattoir

If you ask me to pick five Best Vancouver restaurants, this place will always be in the top five.  I might think hard about the other four, but there will be no question about l’Abattoir being “the place” to experience. I’ve been hearing lots of good things about this rare Gastown gem and coming up […]

Castle Date: The Corner House

This was one of the best birthday experiences that I can remember.  We’ve spent 4 beautiful days around Toronto and explored some of the most romantic locations and restaurants, when combined together, there was nothing more I could wish for as a birthday gift. We decided to start the day in Oakville, spending half of […]

Waterfront Date: The Sandbar

No matter how many times I’ve been at Vancouver waterfront, I always want to come back and I always find the walks along the seaside romantic and beautiful.  Whether it is to meet with a couple of out of town friends, or head out on a cozy date, it’s hard to go wrong with a […]

Perfect Valentine’s Date: Seasons in the Park

Valentine’s day is one of the hardest occasions to figure out a perfect date plan. The crowds, overbooked restaurants, clouds of pink hearts….all that screams anything but quiet celebration of love. Well, why not spend the 14th of February at home (with a movie and a bowl of fondue) and then splurge on an amazing […]